Ph.D. Student, MIT Media Lab

I am a graduate student in the Responsive Environments Group at the MIT Media Lab . I enjoy building things that sense and do "stuff" (embedded systems, electro-mechanical systems) with a specific interest in systems that aid people or have humans-in-the-loop (human computer interaction). My more recent projects have touched on scalable hardware and software (distributed systems), physiology sensing, energy harvesters, machine learning applications, wildfire detectors, and digital musical instruments.


I have formal degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BS), Computer Science (MS), and Media Arts and Sciences (MS) but I usually label myself as an Embedded Systems Engineer with a focus both in hardware and software. I enjoy all elements of the design process and often context switch to different roles. I've worked in a large R&D Lab (researcher focused on embedded sensor systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory), a startup (researcher focused on wildfire detection, Gridware, Inc.), a nonprofit (Exploration Technology Lab at National Geographic Society), and a large company (mechanical engineer co-op, UTC Aerospace).

System Design Focus

I enjoy building new electronic systems and deconstructing old ones. I've worked both on small (e.g., wearables for marmosets) and large systems (e.g., remote surveillance systems at MIT Lincoln Laboratory).

Interest in Empathetic Systems

I have a growing interest in occupant comfort control systems for the built environment. Specifically, looking at modern comfort models, human comfort perception, microclimate control systems, and emphathetic actuation mechanisms.


As many did during pandemic times, I've gotten into plants and cooking. Over 2021, I began growing a habanero plant indoors in my small Cambridge apartment with the plant yielding over 50 peppers. This allowed me to experiment with making custom hot sauces and spices (and to use my friends to test their potency). As is customary, I fitted the plant with a variety of environmental sensors to measure soil and ambient temperatures, CO2 & VOC levels, as well as to evaluate a variety of resistive and capacitive soil moisture sensors. I ended up using the peppers to experiment in the making of hot sauces and spices.

I also enjoy traveling, fitness, learning how to make ice cream, and am moderately obsessed with desktop PC building.

Featured Projects

Below are a few selected projects but more can be found here.

  • Project Captivate

    An Eyeglass Platform for Measurement and Actuation Across Contexts

  • CD-Synth

    A Rotating, Untethered, Digital Synthesizer

  • Spotlight

    Using Dynamic Lighting as a Tertiary Power Source for Photovoltaic-Equipped Embedded Systems

  • Space Fermentation

    Developing Sensor Systems for Measuring Fermentation in Space

  • Wildfire Detector

    Developing and testing systems for detecting wildfires

  • Teleteddy

    Developing Connected Playful Systems