Distributed Heat


Summary: For this project, I am looking at distributed infrared measurements across occupied spaces to estimate the mean radiant temperature as a function of location. I am also evaluating the feasibility of using crude infrared sensing for occupant localization.


Top View (Model)

The system has a thermopile on its top to record ambient infrared measurements.

HW Stack (Model)

The boards were designed in Altium with 3D models in SolidWorks.

Unpopulated PCBs

I designed three boards that will stack up in a column.

Populated PCBs

Two boards are connected via a physical connector while the other board (the one with the thermopile) needs to have wires soldered.

Testing Circuit

The system powered on via the 5V from a USB cable while being connected to a debugger via a spring-pin connector.

Physical Stack

LED Test

Tested LEDs on Assembled Units

Assembled Units

I assembled the units at home because the lab wasn't open due to the pandemic. I used solder paste and a cheap reflow oven for most of the assembly.

Attaching Sensors to Ceiling

I hot glued them to the ceiling. (My apartment was going to be demolished in a few months so a few missing paint chips won't harm)

Partially Assembled Units on Hand