Project from MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Interfaces Course ’18

Teleteddy is a pair of interconnected teddy bears that fill the gap 

Teleteddy in the making

To make each Teleteddy, I wired 7 force sensitive resistors (FSRs) throughout the bear (1 in each leg, foot, ear, and another one in the tag on the rear of the bear). All of these FSRs were connected to an Arduino Uno. In addition, we wired a Flora RGB LED to each FSR (excluding the one in the tag) and we also strung 4 Flora’s next to each other to be placed where the teddy’s heart is. We also use Zigbee radios for the wireless interconnect.

To place the electronics in the bear, we had to open them up, remove the stuffing, and gently place all the wiring within the bear. After the wiring is placed within the bear, most of the stuffing is re-added. Note: an inside-out teddy bear looks pretty creepy

For this project, we were constrained to use the Arduino UNO which would not fit inside the bear so we left it hanging on the outside. For future iterations, a Teensy microcontroller or something smaller would do just fine. 

To enable a “game mode” between the connected bears, we placed an FSR where the bear’s tag is.

With that all said and done, the bears works using some state machine code!